Monday, March 13, 2017

All Out Jive - original acrylic figurative painting

I know - it's a little crazy looking - but I love the abandon and just went with it.  I like how this fella dances and the girl has just returned to the floor after a jump.  Didn't have room on the panel for both of them to be airborne.  Was listening to my workout music while painting and it is definitely jive - the only problem is that I should use it more, rather than just listening as I paint!  This piece is on gessoed panel, 7 x 5".  Thanks for looking!


John Simlett said...

Reminds me of our misspent youth :) ... Pat and I were great jivers. Although we've been married 58 years, we still enjoy the occasional (slow) jive and Cha-cha!

Great action painting - capturing perfectly the spirit of the dance!

Connie Chadwell said...

Hi John - Slow dancing is good, too - and so sweet! Very nice to you to drop by!