Thursday, November 01, 2018

Workingman - original ink/acrylic figurative drawing

brush drawing of man in flannel shirt and workboots
I couldn't seem to find this drawing on my blog and it's one of my favorites.  Did the piece a few - or maybe more - years ago.  This young man's wife was scheduled to pose for a drawing group I attended, but she couldn't make it, so he came in her place.  He was a great model, although I could tell he wouldn't be repeating the experience.  He was dressed for his job, and as soon as his stint was over, he made a beeline for work.  We were all very grateful that he spent a couple of hours with us.  I used a brush with ink and acrylic on greyish-white paper and loved drawing the plaid flannel shirt and the work boots.  Thanks for stopping by!


hmuxo said...

It makes it so interesting when a model has working clothes on. Perfect pose...I love how you painted his clothes...excellent job. I go to the Long Island Portrait group on Fridays and the model brought her boyfriend.....he had such an interesting face which most of us wanted to paint!!! Maybe next time.

Jane said...

A beautiful work on his clothes that immediately gives you associations as to his job ! Great pose too , well done !