Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Charcoal Portrait of a Young Woman - original black and white artwork

I am always SO happy to have someone to draw, especially when I can use charcoal.  It's wonderfully forgiving and oh the values that can be achieved!  But I do caution that it should be sprayed with fixative upon completion.  True story:  I had drawn a figure and a portrait in charcoal at the life drawing group a few weeks ago and I was really pleased with the outcome.  As I was putting them in the trunk of my car (not sprayed with fixative, yet), I dropped them both in the street and they were so smeared when I picked them up, they were just essentially not there any longer.  My fault, entirely, but this could have been avoided if I had just sprayed them before I put them in the car.

Repeat after me:  Never ever wait to spray your charcoal drawings!  Always do it ASAP!

And back to this drawing - well I've only sprayed it with workable fixative, which is certainly better than nothing.  It's about 10 x 8".  Thanks for stopping by!


hmuxo said...

Very beautiful Connie. I never really worked with charcoal but if I do I will definitely spray it... Black and white has always been a favorite..

Connie Chadwell said...

Hi Hilda - yes, please learn from my mistakes! Thanks so much for visiting!