Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I Love Barrel Racing! - western figurative oil painting of horse and rider barrel racing

Here's a finished - and I hope - an improved version of the earlier post.   (Thank you Hilda!)  Barrel racing is a cross between grace and athleticism and - wow - the relationship between horse and rider is beautiful to behold!  There aren't ever enough participants at the rodeo, but I probably feel that way  because I could watch endlessly!  There will be more western paintings because I have sketches and photos from the rodeo and dances here (Junction, Texas) in August.  I painted this piece on 12 x 9" panel.  Thanks for looking!


hmuxo said...

The motion in this piece is outstanding as always, Connie!!! When I went to Wyoming, we were going to go to a rodeo but missed it by one day...(sigh) so hopefully I'll make it next time.... I love her red shirt...nicely done!!

Connie Chadwell said...

Hi Hilda - come to Texas - there are always rodeos going on here! Also, did you see my thank you to you for your help? Thank you again!!!