Monday, September 20, 2021

The Model Looking Down - original oil pastel drawing of a nude model

small oil pastel nude loose abstract drawing

 My favorite subject - the nude model - and in this case, drawn on Judson's carton board  (a type of paper, actually) - probably my all-time favorite for oil pastel.  It has a texture that grabs and holds the oil pastel and I find it especially great for a more loose drawing.  I can't really explain the texture, except that it's slightly rough, but not really gritty. It works for oil paint, too and is very good for plein aire.  Many artists will give it a coating of gel before painting with oil, but it's archival, either way.   After it's finished, I bond it to a backing, usually hardboard.  This drawing is about 8 x 6" - thanks for stopping by!

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