Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Two-Stepper Sketch - original oil figurative sketch of dancers

Cowboy dancing with woman in red dress while looking at her with small smile
Every summer I go to the rodeo dances here in Junction and draw and take photos, just like I do at the rodeo that precedes the dance.  I have tons of drawings and photos that I can draw upon (pun intended) through the winter months.  There's just nothing like the way people move, plus their expressions - endlessly fascinating, I think.  Like this guy and the way he was looking at his dance partner - I keep wondering. . . .  I'll be posting more two-steppers in the days ahead - have been looking for two-step instructional videos for those of you who are interested in learning, but most I've seen are so corny.  Will keep searching, though.  This one is 14 x 11" on stretched canvas.  Thanks for looking!


Jane said...

Your fascination really shows, you get movements and features so well even when small !

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you so much, Jane - I really appreciate your comment!