Wednesday, September 12, 2018

On My Easel - A Start on a Figurative Painting and A Charcoal Drawing of a Woman

Here are a couple of things I worked on today - the top, an 8 x 10" painting from my memory of a couple having a conversation in a restaurant.  Although I can't explain why, I was so excited about how the paint flowed from my brush - one of those moments when I feel truly connected to what's going on with the piece.  When I lost the feeling, I stopped and went on to something else.

Another of today's pieces - the drawing of the woman looking at the ball - maybe I should make it more dramatic than just a ball? - is really a sketch I did some time ago, but I added a few touches here and there.  Much fun - all in all a wonderful art day.  Also worked on a big charcoal drawing, which, when it's farther along, I will post.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Did y'all have a good art day? I hope so!😃


Anthony Duce said...

Appears to have been a very productive day.

Connie Chadwell said...

Yes, a good day, Anthony - thanks so much for stopping by!