Monday, October 17, 2016

Two-Step Sweethearts - original acrylic figurative painting

I almost never use acrylic for a painting.  To me, it's mainly great to use in brush drawings, but using it today for this piece just reminds me of the good qualities of acrylic.  It dries really fast, which is enough to make me love it.  And I don't feel so constrained when I work with it - for instance, the fat over lean that's so crucial in oil painting.  I vow here and now to continue doing some of my stuff in acrylic.  (Fingers making "X" over heart.)  This painting is 7 x 5" - thanks for stopping by!


n warner said...

Connie - nice work. I always conjure up music for all your work...great movement and feel. :-)

hmuxo said...

This is really beautiful Connie! Wonderful colors .... And of course love the subject!