Friday, September 09, 2016

New Pen, New Dancers - original figurative ink drawing

I have a new black Sharpie that doesn't come through the paper and I'm loving it!  Captured these dancers with it - this pen is a keeper!  It's smooth and the although the ink feels so free flowing, it doesn't make a mess.  Well, of course, no Sharpie I ever heard of, does, so this pen continues the grand tradition.  Still, it does have more of an ink feel that the feel of a marker.
This drawing is also an audition for the dancers on the page.  Some will get to stay with me, but as for others, they will have to go back for a few modifications.  See?  You thought I'd say 'drawing board'.  On 5.5 x 8" mixed media paper - thanks for stopping by!

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