Monday, October 18, 2021

Katie Looking Down - original charcoal and compressed pastel stick portrait drawing

charcoal and compressed pastel profile woman gray paper white accents
 This paper, a Strathmore 400 cool gray mixed media sheet, is one of my favorites.  It is 100% recycled and contains kraft and bark fibers, which is perfect for my tree drawings, but I just wanted to use it for a portrait - crazy as it sounds.  Art is about experimentation, right?  You should really try this surface if you haven't already - got mine at Hobby Lobby - it takes all kinds of media and all kinds of punishmentšŸ˜„.  I matted this down to about 11 x 12".  After I finished the charcoal part of the drawing, I used some General Pencil Co. compressed pastel sticks for a little tint to her face.  These sticks are so useful and can be used for portrait drawings all by themselves.  They come in just about all the colors necessary for portraits.  Thanks for looking and happy drawing!

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ashok said...

Wonderful art