Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How I Rescued a Failure - original figurative pencil and oil pastel drawing

I bought the neatest daVinci set of pan watercolors and splurged on a new watercolor brush and some new watercolor instruction books - and have produced nothing but failures.  Arghhh - (rending of garments) - drives me crazy having to be so busy with the medium that I can't accomplish what I want.  So, I covered the part I didn't like with oil pastel and am well pleased with the result!  The rest of the piece is drawn with graphite pencil.  The conclusion here, I guess, is that things that don't work out can often be rescued and oil pastel is great at saving artworks gone wrong - I love it!  But I will still continue my journey into watercolor and maybe, just maybe, I'll find success.  This one is 12 x 9" on cold press watercolor paper.  Thanks for stopping by!
PS -  I really think I like this better with oil pastel anyway.  Maybe I'm just not choosing the right subjects to paint in watercolor.  Actually I did a couple of dancers in watercolor that really pleased me.  So I guess all isn't lost - but still watercolor is kind of tough.  If y'all have any suggestions, I would love to hear!!!


hmuxo said...

Oil pastels is your medium...although it's always fun to experiment ... I love her pose, Connie, and would love to see this finished.

Anthony Duce said...

Love your pastels and oils.. But they do cover up the beauty of the original sketch sometimes.
Watercolors, especially used as transparent washes are a great final touch to add color to a loose, or tight, ink sketch.. A good way to save the energy and beauty of the lines..

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you, Anthony - will give watercolor over ink a try - I always love the work you do in that medium!

Connie Chadwell said...

Thanks so much, Hilda - yes, I think oil pastels are my favorite - really glad you stopped by!