Friday, December 15, 2017

Bullrider Sketch - ink and water-soluble pencil rodeo drawing

This drawing is one that I did at a rodeo(albeit a total shorthand version that only I could decipher) and then worked over it loosely with ink and water-soluble pencil.  I thought this bull rider was about to bite the dust, but then he righted himself and lasted for eight.  I love this "pose" and am definitely going to do a larger painting in color and am hoping to maintain the looseness.  It's so easy for me to lose the casual look of an action painting and totally kill it.  Alas.  This is on 6 x 6" Bristol paper.  Thanks for stopping by!


Jane said...

Absolutely perfect and very readable in spite of being so loose, awesome work ! Would love to see a rodeo in real life :-)

Connie Chadwell said...

Hi Jane and thank you - come to Texas and we'll go to a rodeo. Happy New Year!