Thursday, October 27, 2016

Newspaper Scribbles - original figurative ink and charcoal drawings

Here are a few of tonight's doodles I did while sitting in front of the TV.  When I find one that I want to keep, I just spray it with Make-It-Acid-Free, mount it to museum board and apply fixative.  What I like about doing these drawings, is that it just feels like practice - I can try things out, zoom around the paper and be very loose.  There are probably 15 out of about 40 that I found worth keeping tonight and I promise I didn't watch all that long - really just through one movie.  Not much of a TV watcher, really, but it does come in handy when looking for people to draw very quickly.  These were done with ink and charcoal.  The ink was the medium for the actual drawings, then I added charcoal for value.  Thanks for looking!

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