Wednesday, September 07, 2016

On My Easel - Country Evening - original oil figurative painting in progress

I did this painting in a more colorful palette, but decided that a limited one might be better for an evening dance and I'm pretty happy with this choice for a change.   It's just black white, terra rosa and yellow ochre, plus a blue, which normally isn't part of my limited palette, but I just had to have it this time.  I asked a friend for a critique - this one or the full palette one?  "Oh, I like both of them".  Sigh.  Please don't be afraid to hurt my feelings - artists really, really want the truth!  So, if you have an opinion, don't be shy!  Will finish this one on the weekend and post it on my website,  Thanks so much for looking!


hmuxo said...

Country dancers has always been a favorite!!!! Excellent piece!

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you, Hilda - glad you like it!