Sunday, October 04, 2015

On My Easel - Sketch for Flamenco Guitar - original charcoal figurative drawing in progress

Here's the plan - I will paint this in oil, with a few minor changes and it will be wonderful.  In my dreams.  (Picture of me with mouth curved down).  The same pose, more or less, is on my oil pastel blog today.  Usually since I'm such a 'drawer', the drawing or sketch is better than the resulting painting.  Maybe this time it'll be different!  Did this on 12 x 9" Canson illustration paper using a Prang charcoal pencil - the kind with the string - and I loved it!  It has a wonderful feel to it and covers well and quickly.  Thanks for stopping by!


Anthony Duce said...

I like the composition and can relate to the possibilities noted in your narrative. I too draw such masterpieces in my dreams.

myra anderson said...

i have faith in you! it will be as beautiful as you imagined!