Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sketch of Kristi - original oil pastel portrait sketch

This sketch was done from a sketch from life - so, a sketch from a sketch, I guess.  My joy in doing this was that I used carton paper (about 12 x 9") from Judson's Guerilla Painter - so wonderful and so like that used by the impressionists.  I have always loved that look - as if it were done on cardboard, but I could never find anything like they used, without actually having to resort to cardboard.  Which I would love to do, but I know it's a no-no. 
Check out my oil pastel blog to see my latest flamenco dancer.  I usually like to post oil paintings or drawings on Hackberry Street Studio and use most of my oil pastels for my oil pastel blog, but
I am currently going crazy trying to get some oil paintings finished and some of them just won't cooperate.  Oh well.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Anthony Duce said...

Love the face.. I'd sketch it over and over too, just to remember sketching it once from life..

hmuxo said...

She's beautifully painted, Connie!!! Very painterly.!!

Connie said...

Thanks so much, Anthony - yes, she was a pleasure to draw.

Connie said...

Hi,Hilda - thank you for visiting and for your nice comment.