Saturday, March 03, 2018

How I Start a Drawing - ink volleyball gestures

Here are a few gestures from a volleyball game at which I was a spectator.  These kinds of drawings always remind me of wire sculptures - an art form that I really enjoy.  I did these in a little notebook that I often carry - one of the drawings has my notes in Gregg shorthand - another art form, as well as a communication device.  I still use shorthand most days and am thinking of ways to incorporate it into my artwork.  Several years ago, I saw that done in a painting - it was more of an assemblage that featured a key on a cord that was draped in front of the shorthand.  Really unique and beautiful.  Anyway, back to the present - I realize that these drawings don't appear to be very substantial, but for me, all the art I do starts this way.  Thanks for looking.


Jane said...

Knowing your works I can see where this will take you. Great sketches.

Jeff Oxley said...

I always enjoy these.. I would like to see them life size. :)