Saturday, June 17, 2017

What I'm Working On - original soft pastel figurative in progress

This piece is one I'm really enjoying.  Since soft pastel causes eye and throat irritation for me, I tried having a small fan blowing across the paper, then vacuumed up the dust.  Maybe that'll work.  The pleasure for me in this figurative, which is being done from a photo, is that there are many lines in it - unfortunately, some will have to be covered, but I'll cope.  Hoping to finish it this weekend.  The support is Pastelbord in sand , 11 x 14".  Thanks for stopping by!


Jane said...

Love the subject and it is coming along really well !

hmuxo said...

This is such a nice subject Connie. Very nicely painted. I've been lucky until now that pastels don't bother me too much. I try to be careful with the dust, shaking most of it outside. I wear a mask "sometimes" but I find it uncomfortable especially when my eyeglasses fog up because I have to breathe!!!! Lol