Friday, October 24, 2014

Waiting at the Bar - original oil pastel figurative painting

Here's another bar scene, although it's a little lighter than the bar was in real life - I think because I was using this beautiful grey Holbein oil pastel stick and just couldn't get enough of it.  She sat and waited until her fellow showed up - must've been awkward, but she was loaded with poise.  While I usually use Sennelier, this painting was done with Holbein oil pastels.  They are so gorgeous, and with their square shape, very useful in turning on their sides for big strokes, or using the corners of the sticks for details.  I'm a confirmed Sennelier user, with their lipsticky gooeyness, but it's great to try other brands on occasion.  The painting is on 7 x 5" Pastelbord.  Thanks for looking!


hmuxo said...

Another excellent painting, Connie. I love her pose.. and wonderful colors.

Anthony Duce said...

A very nice pose.. Like the atmosphere..