Friday, March 28, 2014

Tango Snuggle - original charcoal figurative drawing

I told myself at the first of the year that I was going to post three or four times a week and look how long it's been!  Well, family things came up and for me, it's family first, but maybe next week, I'll be better at getting things onto my blog.  I'm in Austin at the moment and ahhh - the art supplies!  You can't tell how I'm enjoying the art goodies since I've posted another charcoal drawing, but as y'all know, it's just wonderful to wander through the aisles of paints, papers, art implements of all kinds, and dream of all the masterpieces to come.  I naively think - and deep inside I know it's not true - that if I just had a new something or other, I could do great things.  Oh well, it's pleasant to think on, anyway.  This drawing, which I scribbled madly just because I didn't want it too exact and even thought about doing a sort of abstract drawing, is on 17 x 14" Borden and Riley Bristol (vellum).  Thanks so much for stopping by! SOLD


Anthony Duce said...

Almost looks like a black and white photo of a painting, the edges and contrasts are handled so well. I can almost imagine the colors if the medium wasn't known.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful pose on both of these dancers...The drawing in black and white is REALLY nice, Connie!!