Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reclining Nude - original oil painting of a nude

This painting is still so wet, but I wanted to post something tonight, well actually, it's morning, now.  I did this very quickly from a life drawing - set my timer and didn't go back to correct a thing.  I painted this while listening to The Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson - it'll probably take another day or so to finish this interesting book.   I just ordered An Army at Dawn from audible.com, which is the first in the trilogy.  I am so used to listening to books and love it because I can do other things - like painting or drawing - while I "read".   I highly recommend it!
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 Oh I forgot - got so carried away with the book I'm reading that I almost signed off for the night before I remembered to say it's 8 x 10" on archival canvas board.  Sweet dreams.

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