Friday, August 24, 2012

Together on Friday Evening - original oil figurative painting


This painting is on 9 x 12" gessoed panel - Gessobord, I think.  The table in the background had a shorter tablecloth, but I just like the look of longer ones, so I just took artistic license.  We artists get to do that, you know.  I had an fellow life drawing enthusiast tell me once, when I was fretting over something crazy I had done, 'that's okay, Connie, you're an artist'.  It really brought me up short.  I had never considered such a thing.  But I liked it.  I really did and I still do.  Use it all the time.
Have a great weekend everyone - and thanks for visiting my blog! 
PS. to make it more "bar like", I just glazed it with warmth.


hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted, Connie!! I love the couple dancing as well!!! Somehow I missed your previous piece!"- Wonderful sketch!

Connie said...

A big thank you, Hilda! I always appreciate your comments so much!