Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tango Zing - original oil figurative painting

This is one I did at the end of the afternoon.  It was watering day at my studio (we are on watering restrictions here) and I was sort of distracted.  But this one came together in a hurry and it was fun, since I'd been fretting over some other pieces that I'm working on.  It's great to end on a high note - I got every tree watered and my little piece for my blog worked out great. 
It's 6 x 6" on Gessobord.  Thanks so much for stopping by! Sold


hmuxo said...

SO beautiful, Connie!!! I thought of you a few days back..I was watching "Assassination Tango" with Robert Duvall. They were dancing the tango with such beautiful makes you want to take lessons!!! LOL.

Connie said...

Hi Hilda - thank you for your interesting comment! I think I'll watch that movie - sounds like I'd love it!