Friday, March 23, 2012

A Woman from Mumbai - original oil pastel portrait drawing WIP

I've been lucky, lately, to have several cooperative people coming through my life, who are willing to pose for me.  I do hate to push my luck, though, so I don't spend too much time with each drawing and they're not as finished as they probably should be - like this one, for instance.   I did get her face down enough to suit me, though, and I can finish the rest tomorrow - I'll repost the picture when I get it totally done.  When I say "finished", I mean finished for me, which still is a little raw.  This work is on 12 x 9" Colourfix pastel paper - and please check out my oil pastel blog, where I have some little oil pastels posted.  To get in touch with me, just click the Contact Me to the right.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


hmuxo said...

This lady is beautiful, Connie. You did a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing this finished. Love the colors!

Connie said...

Thanks so much, Hilda, I'm very flattered by your nice comment!