Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sketch for Josie on the Sofa - original charcoal drawing of a nude

This is another life drawing from my stash of nudes - Josie was the model for this one, which is drawn with vine charcoal on 11 x 14" Strathmore drawing paper.  I plan to do a painting based on the drawing.
While I was working today, I listened (via audible.com) to another Chet and Bernie mystery, To Fetch A Thief.  This series is 'written' by Chet, the dog, and it's so delightful.  There were times when I laughed out loud.  If you're a dog lover, try this series about private detective Bernie Little and his dog Chet.  Can't wait for tomorrow's 'installment'.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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