Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dance With Me - WIP oil figurative sketch

I've been away for several days and am only now getting back to painting.  However, when I got to my studio today, I realized that I had left my oil paints behind so I resorted to using oil sticks - not oil pastels - but oil paint in a stick.  I didn't finish this sketch, and I don't know that I will do anything more to it.  It's just a painting of the moment and it's okay with me to leave it this way - really I do like things sort of unfinished.  Tomorrow, back to tube paints and brushes.  I drew/painted this on 10 x 8" archival canvas board.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


jamila aladdin said...

Hi Connie
I am so pleased that I found your blog... amazing work.... each one os so special.... I love your dancers, there is so much life in them, one feels them moving and hear the music... so inspiring
Thank you for visiting my blog

suzannepaints said...

Love the very loose quality of this beautiful piece. Interesting.