Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tango Flirt - original oil figurative painting

This couple was both graceful and athletic - thrilling to watch!  The painting is on 7 x 5"  Gessobord.
At the risk of boring you with my shorthand sketches, I thought I'd put some on this post, anyway.  These were done at the local swimming pool, while I was there with my grandchildren.  It's amazing the energy the little boys had - they were tireless in the games they played.  These drawings are definitely from memory, because the second I put pencil to paper, they had zoomed on to something else.  There are lots of these, but you're in luck - I'm just posting a few of them.  I don't imagine anyone else can tell what's going on in these sketches except me.  There's just enough information to remind me of the angle of the head or the foreshortening of the arms, especially (it's probably impossible to see) the hands of the little boy as he releases the ball.  My eyes just zeroed in on his hands and I got them - tough to see, I know, but the little sketch speaks volumes to me. 
I guess everyone has his or her own "shorthand" and it's particularly useful when working with figures in action, like these little fellows. 
Thanks so much for stopping by - I'm always glad to see you here!


Anthony Duce said...

The painting is great, and I like the sketching process you expressed. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

Hi Anthony - thanks so much for stopping by and looking at all my sketches!