Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ana, Standing - original charcoal nude drawing by Connie Chadwell


I love, love, love standing poses! They're always a little mysterious to me. Add a profile to the standing pose - a little more mystery, a little more emotion - ahhhh!
Today was spent waiting for the cable guy, so I didn't get to my studio until late afternoon and then worked on some tango paintings and a larger painting, but only for awhile. My sweet dog, Roger, has a bad infection resulting from a face full of porcupine quills - such a dreadful experience - so I had to get home to give him another dose of his medicine. He's really sick, poor little thing, so I didn't do much art today.
This drawing is one that I did the same day I did the previous drawings of "Ana" - it's 14 x 11" on Strathmore drawing paper. I thought there were more of the 'Ana' drawings, but maybe this is the last one - at least until she models for the drawing group again.
Thanks so much for visiting Hackberry Street Studio - I'm always delighted to have you stop by!


Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Connie, I love your life drawing studies. It's wonderful to work from a model. I hope Roger is feeling better. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Do you dance the tango? You do the body gestures so well. Someone once said to be able to paint a subject, such as dance, you need to experience how the body moves. Well anyway, I think your work is amazing. One of my favorite movies is The Tango Lesson. said...

I love love love this drawing! Very well done!

Connie said...

Hi Joan - Thank you for your nice comment! A long time ago, I did dance - or tried to - the tango. I love it - the romance and the drama of that beautiful dance has me hooked. Also, thank you for mentioning the Tango Lesson movie - I'll try to find it. And Roger is much better - thanks so much for mentioning my favorite four-legged friend!

Connie said...

Thank you thank you thank you Bill!