Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Salsa Gal in Black and White - original charcoal figurative Latin dancer

I drew this from another earlier drawing and plan to make a painting from it, but of course, need to add a guy, so have been looking through all my drawings of male dancers.  It's kind of a trip down memory lane to see all these old drawings - many of which I did years and years ago.

Although it's a pretty loose, I did concentrate on her hands and head, which will help me when I do the painting because that won't be so loose.  My challenge with the painting will be the placement of the male dancer.  What fun I'll have with this one!

Am listening to Don Winslow's Dawn Patrol while I work on drawings yesterday and today.  I used to hear about multi-tasking being good for you, but now am reading that it's bad for one's brain.  What?!!  It's always something!  Thanks for stopping by Hackberry Street Studio.

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hmuxo said...

Wow! What fun!!! Hmmmm maybe a reference of a man holding her waist.... It's good that you hold on to sketches....always on hand!!
Looking forward to seeing the finished painting!!