Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cowboy Love - original figurative oil painting

I love doing this one because of the gesture - it's just the way I saw it.  If you get the gesture, you have the drawing.  Everything builds from that.  Well, I'm obviously counting my chicks - time will tell how it actually turns out.  Don't mean to sound so pessimistic, but I am always getting to this stage and then killing it.  Will see tomorrow or probably the next whether this turns out the way I want it to.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
Update:  Finished!


hmuxo said...

This is sO beautiful. I know it's an oil painting but the looseness of the piece almost looks like a watercolor!! NICE!!!!

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you, Hilda - very flattering - I love it!