Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Country Evening - original figurative oil painting

Another evening of dancing Texas' favorite dance - the two step.   I paint endless images of this dance, and never tire of it.  And I love to play country music while I work.  Today I listened to Bob Wills, the great country musician who is remembered for his western swing music.  Waylon Jennings' song "Bob Wills Is Still The King" is absolutely right!  (I don't think the Bob Wills site has music, but it can be found many places on the internet.)   I used stretched portrait canvas for this - very smooth and so easy to work on.   It's 10 x 8" - thanks for stopping by!


hmuxo said...

Love this painting Connie!! Beautiful colors and I can hear the music!!!!

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you Hilda - it was much fun to do!