Sunday, November 15, 2015

On My Easel - Steps to a Nude - original oil pastel nude in progress


Here are steps I'm taking in developing a nude painting.  It began as a charcoal drawing (bottom photo) which I used as a "pattern" to do my 7 x 5" oil pastel on sand Pastelbord.  In step 2,  I covered my Pastelbord drawing with a light blue Sennelier oil pastel, then, in step 3, covered most of the blue with ochres and added bits of red.  I like the more raw version of step 3 and have to try hard not to overwork it - just add a little here and there and then call it 'finished'.  Just about done, I think. The feet were a real challenge because of the way they're tucked under her - so I may have to work on those a little.   Also, the original charcoal drawing of the face was too fussy, and looked as if I didn't even look at the woman who was posing, so in doing the oil pastel, I left the face pretty much alone.  Thanks for stopping by!



hmuxo said...

Beautiful Connie! Very fact I think the feet looks "done"....

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you, Hilda - I think you're right and am letting it alone.