Friday, October 18, 2013

Bullrider Sketch - original charcoal figurative rodeo sketch

You're whispering "what's wrong with her - posting something like that".  No need to whisper - it's okay.  This is a sketch that I did from life at the local rodeo this past summer.  The back end of the bull doesn't really show well, but it's there.  Just thought I'd show one of the things that I work from.  Probably only I can understand this shorthand scribble, but it will become a painting one of these days.  I always think I can 'feel' the subject better if I draw it, than if I take a photo, even though I did take a bunch of photos that night.  Thanks for looking and do check out my oil pastel blog.


Anthony Duce said...

This is great.. I see the painting forming. I do these too.. They sit in a pile waiting..

Connie said...

It's fun to do these - never know how they'll turn out in the end, but still fun!