Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Geisha with a Fan II - original oil figurative painting

This painting is 10 x 8" on archival canvas panel and is much more abstract and softer than I usually like to do, but I didn't have anything else to post, so here's today's effort.  Since it was done quickly, I left the background, and, hey, some of the foreground, kind of unfinished.  I like 'unfinished', usually, but when I started this one - which I did from a drawing from life - I had a different intention.  It was supposed to be more detailed, but you know how it is, sometimes the painting sort of tells you it's time to stop.  Although, more often, it doesn't tell me anything and I end up killing the painting.  Sigh.  Will I ever get it just right?  I sure hope so!  Thanks for visiting my blog!


hmuxo said...

I have missed so much of not only your work but everyone else because of computer problems and vacationing...So now I am catching up!! Woman in a blue dress is absolutely fantastic, Connie! and I love sleeping Lexi...and of course this one...Wonderful work!!

Connie said...

I appreciate your comments so much, Hilda - thank you! And I'm so glad you're back - you've been missed!