Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three More - original charcoal nude drawings w/touches of white pastel

This is a drawing that I did over several weeks, one model one week, then another model a few weeks later, then the third model maybe a month or two after the others.  Different models elicit different responses from the 'drawer', I think.  Instead of gray, the support is actually light green Canson Mi-Teintes board, which I love, but it's hard to find.  Thankfully, ASW still carries it.  It has the textured side of the Mi-Teintes paper adhered to board and I always find the textured side encourages looseness.  The drawing is 16 x 20".  If I don't post before Sunday, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!  Thanks for stopping by! 


Anthony Duce said...

Great sketches..

Art Maine said...

The Third Model

Is it possible
that a descendent
of the model who posed
for Vincent Van Gogh
in 1886 as the
Standing Female Nude
Seen from the Side
posed for you
in spirit?!Large.jpg

Connie said...

Thank you Anthony!

Connie said...

Hi Art Maine - thank you for pointing me in the direction of some van Gogh drawings I had not seen!