Sunday, March 17, 2013

On My Easel - original mixed media figurative drawing

Ten days since I've posted!  Bad girl!  But I've been sketching like a maniac - everything in sight - but nothing really finished.  Well, of course, this one isn't either, but it has a little color to it, and I haven't put anything on my blog for awhile, so here it is.  This drawing is one that I sketched with charcoal in a life drawing group and I decided tonight to add some color with oil pastels.  Don't know if I'd do it again, or if I will even "finish" this one, but these experiments are good for the soul and sometimes lead to great discoveries.  Re the orange under the chin - it really was more orangey, but I scraped it off.  I was inspired by an actor on TV tonight with this marvelous orange color under his chin maybe from what he was wearing, I don't know - could not look at anything else - don't remember the show - just orange!  Anyway, hope y'all had a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!  Oh and it's charcoal and oil pastel on oil pastel card, 14 x 8".


Anthony Duce said...

Very good. I like the energy. It shows.

Anthony Duce said...
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Connie said...

Thanks Anthony - I appreciate it!

hmuxo said...

I like this one very much, Connie!
It's funny when you said you don't remember the program you watched..just the chin!! I watch T.V.
but most of the time I concentrate on people's faces! My husband will miss something and ask me what they just said!!! Ooops! Sorry, but I wasn't listening!
anyway, adding color to this painting was perfect!

Connie said...

Hi Hilda - So funny! The same thing goes on at my house! Thanks for stopping by!