Friday, December 14, 2012

Inkster Passion - original ink figurative drawing

I don't think I've posted this before - it's something I did on-site from life - but I came across it today and remembered that it was to be the basis for a painting.  What pleases me about this little drawing is that although it's not 'perfect', I did it from life with a ballpoint pen and it has all the emotion I observed in that tango couple.  It may never become a painting because when I've done a drawing I really like, the painting that follows is always a disappointment to me.  It's on 11 x 14" paper, but it probably looks best at about 10 x 10". 
I added Junction Rivers Winery on the sidebar, where a few of my dancer paintings are on the walls at the moment.  It's one of Junction's most interesting places to be and if you're anywhere near our little town on the Llano River, you should drop by and sample their award-winning wines and delicious food.  It's great to have such a charming bistro here - you will just love this place!
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Elizabeth Seaver said...

This drawing has all the energy and emotion that you bring to your artwork. I love it.

hmuxo said...

A beautiful ink drawing, Connie. Wonderful motion as always.

hmuxo said...

Amazing sketch, Connie. Love the motion...and I'm so impressed that you did this one from life..

Connie said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, I loved hearing this!

Connie said...

Hi Hilda - thank you so much - well, it was from life, but by the time I finished my scribble, they had totally left me behind and moved on! I suppose it was a memory drawing.