Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Steppin' at Tom's Place - original oil figurative painting

I thought this fun painting appropriate for a Saturday evening, in honor of all the two steppers out on the town tonight.  Using a 10 x 8" Fredrix archival canvas board, I loved painting on the canvas with the added attraction of not even the tiniest bit of "give" when my brush touched it.  It's more like drawing - you know, when you use the hardboard backing for the paper and there's no flexibility at all.  Being basically a drawer, I love that "secure" feeling, so I really appreciate the canvas or linen covered board.

In case you didn't notice my "News" in the column to the right, my drawing,"Lexie's Summer" was chosen by Albert Handell for the 2012 Marilyn Chandler Award for Artistic Excellence in the 27th annual Texas and Neighbors juried exhibition at the Irving Arts Center in Irving, Texas.  The opening reception was April 22nd and was such a lovely event - beautiful music, fabulous food and stunning floral interpretations by The Chocolate Rose of some of the artworks - of which mine was one.  The photo above - thanks to friends who took this shot - shows the floral interpretation of my piece.  I hope you can see the "chartreusey" beads on the right as they hang from the vase.  I love this - I've always loved black combined with that shade of green.  My hat is off to the Irving Art Association president, Angie Vangalis, the volunteers and the show's sponsors who pulled off this beautiful afternoon of the arts!
Well, I see it's pretty late, even for two steppers, so I'll sign off, now.  Thanks so much for stopping - or should I say, stepping, by my blog!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Congratulations on your award, Connie. Well deserved!

Your dancers (especially the women) always convey to me the feeling I have when partner dancing. This one shows how my feet sometimes barely touch the floor!

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautiful painting and beautiful drawing!!

Connie said...

Hi Elizabeth - and thank you so much - I love hearing how my characters relate to real life partner dancing - it pleases me to no end - thanks again!

Connie said...

Hi Myra - thanks so much - it's great to see you here and I appreciate your nice comments on my work!