Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jivedoodles Again - original graphite figurative drawing

This drawing is not only drawing practice for me, but  practice for my little dancers, as well.  I've developed some characters here that I will use again in my next drawings.  After I do these, I go over them and question why I put this one here, that one in that space, and so on.  Never satisfied with the arrangement, I'll do it again tomorrow, just slightly different.  This drawing is done on Borden and Riley's Paris Paper for Pens, 9 x 12", and I used General's Woodless Graphite - 4B, which is pretty soft.  I love using this fairly slick paper for graphite and charcoal - charcoal is especially interesting to work with because it doesn't adhere very well to a paper without tooth (the roughness that helps dry media cling to the surface) and you can just smear to your heart's content.  If that's your thing - and I guess it's mine. 
And if you haven't worked with woodless graphite, it's also a delight.  All that luscious graphite - plus, it smears well, too.  I guess I shouldn't say "smear" - not too sophisticated - maybe "soften" is better.
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter - thanks so much for stopping by!

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