Friday, February 03, 2012

Tango in Charcoal - original charcoal figurative drawing

It seems like years since I've posted - much has been going on, such as trying to get a new website up and running.  It's really, really hard when you have absolutely no talent for that kind of thing.  Even the drag and drop is a challenge for me.  Don't laugh.  It's true. 
This drawing is vine charcoal on Strathmore 400 drawing paper and is about 10 x 6 1/2".  I've drawn several somewhat similar to this, but trying to "explain" the woman's leg position is tricky and I'm really pleased with this one.   My love affair with charcoal continues - so sensitive, so responsive.  Truly a dream medium.  Thanks so much for dropping by!  Now, it's back to the website.  Or maybe not.
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