Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy to See Him - original oil figurative painting

I am interested in painting a tango dancer with her hand on her partner's face - like here - and although these two aren't necessarily tango dancers, it just seemed to me to work here.  Last weekend, I was in a coffee shop with the most gorgeous green paint on the walls.  I love green and I've been thinking about that paint color, so here we are - hand on face, green on walls.  
As always, though, there was red paint involved.  Cadmium red.  The worst offender.  It seeks me out.  It finds me.  It attaches itself to my skin, hair, clothes and everything else it can find.  And it's not just cadmium red that bedevils me.  For years, I painted with only ivory black, yellow ochre, titanium white and Indian red.  Indian red is much the same, I can tell you!  Does this affect anyone else?  Am I the only one?  Sigh.
This painting is 6 x 6" on Gessobord.  Thanks so much for dropping by!


Pom Pom said...

Hi, Connie!
LOVE it and LOVE the green paint. You are so good!

Connie said...

Thank you, Pom Pom - you just made my day!!!!!


Beautiful!! I`m from Brazil and just loved your paintings as fan and dancer of tango! May I divulge some of your paintings in my blog!? It`s a poetry blog...
(if you think it`s wrong I`ll take it off) Great work!! Congratulation!!
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