Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elena - original oil portrait painting

This painting was done today and is totally wet, but I decided to go ahead and post it.  Live dangerously, I say.  It's on 6 x 6" Gessobord. 
I've been hearing that some oil painters switch to acrylics during the summer, especially here in the Southwest - am wondering if any of you are doing that.  Hope you're staying cool.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Anthony Duce said...

Like the painting. Nice and loose. Such a nice expression

Connie said...

Thank you Anthony - it's so nice to hear that!

Steve Washburn said...

Hi Connie,
There's a group I've started painting with that has a no oil paint restriction (lack of ventilation in the building). So I've been enjoying acrylics lately.

I always enjoy your posts!

Connie said...

Hi Steve and thank you! I like your work in acrylics - maybe I should give them a try.

Adam said...

acrylics are awesome. I think you would love them, working so fast, like you do.