Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance with Me? - original oil pastel figurative by Connie Chadwell

I have noticed that in real tango situations - not tango shows, which are wonderful, too - there is sometimes a kind of drama in the approach of the male dancer to the woman he wants to be his partner for the next tango.  It appears to be a sort of casual disinterest, but I really think this is just playing a part. Anyway, in this case, the woman did dance with him and they were beautiful together!
News in the Real Life Department:  I've just discovered mornings!  Or at least, painting in the morning.  Today, I actually did more in a cool, breezy morning hour than I usually do when I work in the afternoons, only.  Very odd, I think, for such a confirmed night owl.  But I do have two or three things in the works from my morning session that I like.  Maybe tomorrow, I will follow the same pattern - get up really early, get going, accomplish things.  Or maybe not.  Mustn't rush into new habits.

This oil pastel is on Pastelbord and is 7 x 5".  Check out my monologue on The Oil Pastel Review.
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Ralph said...

You have captured a moment and filled the painting with questions. It is exciting I like it.

Connie said...

Thank you so much, Ralph! I am very glad you like the painting and its deeper meanings. Thanks again for stopping by! said...

I like the title and painting. It certainly doesn't look like she will say yes at this point.

Connie said...

Hey Bill - nice to see you here! Actually, she did say yes, but only after much ado.