Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night - original oil portrait/figurative painting by Connie Chadwell

Back home from a little jaunt that proved to be longer and more taxing that I'd anticipated and happy to be here!  Stayed up late, got up early and then walked with a friend for four and a half miles.  Did that three days last week, too.  Who knows, this could be habit-forming!
Here's a painting of a couple I observed recently.  They were so sweet - did a little sketch of them, then painted on 10 x 8" Gessobord.  Thanks so much for dropping by!
If you're interested in this or any other of my artworks, just email me.


Ralph said...

You have captured not only the people but that spark and friction of rommance between them. Love is in the air would be a great title for this one.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Oh, very sweet! This is wonderful. You get the mood so right in your paintings, Connie!