Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Portrait of a Bailaora - original oil pastel portrait by Connie Chadwell

I could have entitled it 'Female Flamenco Dancer', but the Spanish sounded so much better.
What an evening! My USB ports quit working, so I had an interesting time getting the photo on my laptop. Then my laptop quit on me for about ten minutes. I'll bet I get to know the Toshiba customer service people really well in the morning.
Back to my posting - it was a quick one and small - 5 x 7" on Pastelbord. I could have done a larger one and taken more time, since she held the pose awhile, but I just wanted to get the essentials down.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I was going to post a picture of family and friends at the table on Turkey Day, but got all involved in visiting and completely forgot.
Thank you for stopping by Hackberry Street Studio!


n warner said...

Wonderful portrait. I like the spanish name and thought it was her first name for a second before I read the blog entry. :-) Nina

Connie said...

Hi Nina and thank you! Re the title - I know it was sort of confusing and I'm glad the blog post explained it okay. It's great to hear from you and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!