Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Daily Specials - original oil pastel figurative sketch by Connie Chadwell

I had such a good time doing this one, from life, in a small neighborhood restaurant, where they write the specials of the day on the blackboard. The initial parts of the sketch were done on-site and then filled in back at Hackberry Street Studio. The wonderful thing about oil pastel, for me anyway, is that it's very freeing. I just scribble away really fast (especially when working from life since people move around so much) and end up with a lot of oil pastel on the support; but since it's on Pastelbord, it will dry fairly quickly.

Maybe I'll paint a larger version in oil of this sketch and then again, this may be the only one, but I loved doing it. Painting is more enjoyable when it's done from actual models, I think. The waiter was a problem because he moved so quickly in and out of my vision, so he is less exact. Well, nobody in the painting is "exact", but he is definitely less so. It's 5 x 7". Thanks for looking!

2 comments: said...

Way more fun from life. And painting/drawing in a resuaurant must have been a real challenge. You did it which must be very satisfying.

Connie said...

Hi Bill - it really is satisfying to work from life. Even with the constant movement of people and having to remember where, for instance, that arm was a second ago, it's fun. Thanks so much for stopping by!