Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Tango Dip - original oil figurative painting by Connie Chadwell

Here's another one of the tango paintings that I finished a week or so ago.
This is a really, really difficult step to paint. As in all dance paintings, the "poses" aren't held for long, so memory is crucial when doing gestures. The gestures are only half or maybe even a third finished when the dancers move on to another step. Actually, I think the gestures themselves are pretty interesting. Maybe I'll post some of those - my gestures are mostly squiggly lines, but they are a road map or framework for the eventual finished drawing or painting.
Gesture drawings are like fingerprints, I think, because no artist does them exactly the same as another artist.
Today I spent time getting submissions ready for the annual Oil Pastel Society show.
Tomorrow I plan to begin fairly early (for me, anyway) to work on a small restaurant scene, and a nude painting - both of which just need to be finished.
The weather is horrible here in Texas. The heat just steals ambition right out of the body, so maybe getting to work while it's still cool will be the key.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you're staying cool!
Ooops! I forgot to say that this painting is 6 x 6" on Gessobord.
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