Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hopeful - original oil pastel portrait by Connie Chadwell

I loved doing this on Pastelbord. By now, you may have realized that I have lots of "favorites". I guess I just love the one I'm with.

The great thing about oil pastel on Pastelbord is that in most cases, it can be framed like an oil painting. Really, the oil pastel gets dry on this surface and then can be fixed and varnished. Wonderful!

Today I learned what I guess just about everybody else knows - how to link to individual pages in my blog (is that deep linking? -guess I'd better go back and study the lesson). I'm taking the blog improvement class from Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris and having a great time!

This piece is on 10 x 8" Pastelbord. Thanks so much for stopping by!

2 comments: said...

No wonder you "loved" it. It has a great feel to it. Oil pastels are not an easy medium but you have made wonderful use of it here. I like the pose and the hands and light colored skin tones of the face.

Connie said...

Thanks Bill.